Tip for the pregnant women

I think the most feared time for the expecting women is imagining the big day when the baby comes out, it was for me too but when i realised one fact  my fear was changed in to excitement and more n more love towards my baby the truth is that the "Baby also goes through a great struggle to come out like the mother" on the day of delivery, in fact we can say it is more tiring and strainful for the baby than the mother and if the baby realises that u are scared then it will make baby scare too but if u start talking to your baby at the time, things like "ok baby we are going to do it together and it will all be fine lets do it and get over with this painful time".....and try to smile u will feel muc much better in pain....trust me it works it has worked me for both my babies I have realise that there is kind of sixth sense ur baby has at that time...and hey dont forget to carry the lip balm to keep ur lips moisture !:)


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