hello parent ( baby under one year ) activities ?

8 month wants to meet with other baby similar age:) unfortunately we have not good neighbors ,mostly he at home:) i think he is interested to meet new people , when we are going nevola he is too happy to see nurse and other people , I am a foreigner so i have no idea where small baby meetup or something activites when he saw baby picture on diaper bag ( he is start talking with ..)

15-month-old baby

you can try google search with: "city" (the city where you live =)) päiväkerhot / avoimet kerhot / avoimet päiväkerhot.....

sometimes there is some information on the city's own webpage, pe. www.vaasa.fi -- lapset ja nuoret -- alle 3-vuotiaiden lasten palvelut vaasassa....

the next time you are going to the neuvola you can also ask neuvolan tätiä if she has some links and perhaps there is also a dashboard with information of groups.

and the "suomalainen seurakunta" offers also lots of different groups where you can join. =) "vauvamuskari" is a group for babys till 1year/1,5year (dipends) where every parent sings and plays with the own child, but you are still in a group with other parents and babys. after the singing is always time to chat and play and drink coffee/tee =).

i hope, you find some activities for you and your boy!

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